About Us.

I created the concept of "Tiny Soles" while on the hunt for unique, fashionable and reasonably priced baby moccasins for my daughter, Gabriella.

As a first time mom, I was unaware at the lack of product on the market, and the hefty pricing that you could pay looking for that "perfect" item. 
(That most of the time was a one time wear...)

And, this is where our story began!

Tiny Soles Boutique began with moccasins that were proudly designed in Aurora, Canada. Each pair of moccasins are made with durable, hand inspected, eco-friendly leather or pure suede. We guarantee that each pair is made with love, care and attention, something those 'tiny soles' deserve. 

After year one, we recognized an immediate need to add to our brand. And thus blossomed our clothing line! A collection that strives to be unique, of quality, and affordable.

I would never add an item to my boutique that I wouldn't put my own child in! All items are handpicked by a MOM for MOMS.

When you purchase our a pair of our moccasins, an outfit, or an accessory - you are not only buying handpicked quality, but you are joining our 'Tiny Soles' family! We look forward to seeing your little ones in our products, and we love to see photos of our products in action.​

With Lots of Love & Thanks,
The Duchons